XXIV International days on Falconry in northern Spain

XXIV International Days on Falconry in northern Spain -JICNE 2018 to celebrate the 11, 12, 13 and 14 October 2018 in La Virgen del Camino, León (Spain). The last day to register is Wednesday October 09 on the website of Club Deportivo Baharí de Cetrería y Aves de Presa were is the entry form.

Competition: 5 modes: Altanería (unseparated pilgrims hybrid, except the first prize will be individual for each hawk subspecies); low flight harris; low goshawks flight; low-flying small birds and Hawks speed test.

Whether you participate as if you go to see the competition in the town of Virgen del Camino in the coming days, this event is a few kilometers from our Hotel Avenida III, do not miss it and book now, from 37.50with breakfast (VAT not included).

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