I Djs Festival “comercio de Astorga”

I Djs Festival “comercio de Astorga”, will take place the weekend of 9 and 10 July 2016 in the town of Astorga (Leon province) in support of autonomous of “Embutidos Rodríguez”, who are unemployed after the fire in the factory.

Local artists: Alberto Vega, Jonatan González, Teixe, Kselen and Capi Benitez will get behind the mixer, accompanied by DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, one of the most important duos of the national electronic scene. The concert will be on Saturday 9 to 19 hours in Ponferrada Avenue, where five local artists will share the stage for more than 6 hours of concert, as an appetizer to the activities of the ‘I Fair Car: Km 0, 4×4, Vehicles Used and Industrialists‘.

Adrián Oller, conocido como DJ Kselen, abrió la tarde astorgana llenando la Plaza España de música electrónica.

 Another weekend (9 and 10 July) interesting in Astorga, a few kilometers from our  Hotel Avenida III, to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy all the amenities, rooms with breakfast from 37.50 €. Reserve now.

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