Festival of “San Juan y San Pedro” 2017

Every year in June held in Leon the Festival of “San Juan y San Pedro”, the great festivals of the city. This year we are strong, with 7 performances by national artists more current picture, for everyone. As every year, you can also enjoy traditional dances, dancing parties, parades of giants and big heads, concerts for all audiences, orchestras, children’s activities, as every year, a program of the complex.
Here you can download the official program of celebrations (in spanish) of the City of León which starts on June 16, 2016 until June 29, 2017.

Two weeks of festivities in the city of León, but the most important events develop especially on weekends and major day is the night of San Juan (early hours of 23 to 24 June) and San Pedro (June 28) , a few kilometers from our Hotel Avenida III, to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy all the amenities, rooms with breakfast from € 37.50. Reserve now.


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