Medieval jousting 2019

In the Camino de Santiago, shortly after passing the city of Leon, is the town of Hospital de Órbigo (for pilgrims on the French Way to Santiago de Compostela step), on whose medieval bridge over the river Órbigo a leonine knight called Don Suero de Quiñones starred in the year 1434, one of the last “Pasos de Armas”, establishing the so-called “Passo Honroso”.

The knight Suero de Quiñones, ask permission to King Juan II de Castilla for, accompanied by nine knights, “break” 300 spears, protecting the bridge over the knights who want to present to commemorate their love for a lady, Doña Leonor de Tovar.

For a month the fighting would take place, carrying around his neck every Thursday a metallic ring as proof of love, eyelet which would free pilgrimage to Santiago after completing the “Justas” (fair).

From the goverment of Hospital de Órbigo, to remember this feat, the first weekend of every June the Medieval Jousting of Passo Honroso is organized, where time return to the fifteenth century by three days, especially in the Medieval Market which sits in the main square of the town.

The most diverse activities such as exhibitions, concerts, performances, games, archery, falconry display and medieval dances are held. One of the most spectacular moments of the festival is the Medieval Tournament to be held on Sunday afternoon near the bridge of Passo Honroso, preceded by a colorful parade featuring knights, squires, pennants, banners, hawks, musicians … etc.

The celebration program (in spanish) 1 and 2  june 2019 , of the Passo Honroso Medieval Fair of Hospital de Órbigo, a declared of Regional Tourist Interest festival in 1998 and each year attracts over 30,000 people in this town.


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