30th Music “Tunas” Festival ‘Ciudad de León’

The 30th Music “Tunas” Festival ‘Ciudad de León’, meet in the Leonese capital about 300 “tunos” four university districts. This event will be held on 17 and 19 November and attend the University of León Tuna, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Madrid, Salamanca, Cuenca and Santiago de Compostela. Women also participate, Tuna female of the University of León.

This event is the oldest in Spain held continuously every year and is dedicated this year the collection of the contest in the Auditorium, on November 18, 2017, will be destined to the “Spanish Association Against Cancer”. The Tuna University of León, Tuna of the University of Las Palmas, Tuna of Law of Santiago, Tuna University of Cuenca, Tuna of Medicine of Salamanca and the Tuna Femenina of the University of León will participate.

This event is located in the city of León, a few kilometers from our Hotel Avenida III, do not miss it and book now,< rooms from € 37.50 with breakfast (VAT not included).

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