Villadangos del Paramo

The municipality of Villadangos del Paramo (with the same name as its most important locality) consists of the following locations: Celadilla del Paramo, Fojedo del Paramo and Villadangos del Paramo. Also, although not a town as such, the District of the Station and Urbanization “Camino de Santiago” are recognized.

This locality, Villadangos del Paramo (León province, Spain), is what interests us, which integrates our Hotel Avenida III.

Stresses the industrial part of the locality, organized by the arrival of the railroad in the twentieth century, with the current industrial area of Villadangos. In the vicinity there is a rich natural heritage, Villadangos Lagoon, about 10 hectares, and an interesting Ornithological observatory.

But Villadangos also has historical and cultural interest, this ancient Astur settlement, abandoned in the eighth century and returned to live with the reconquest in the S. X, is on the way of Sant James (Camino de Santiago) in the so-called French Way. For it is celebrated with great devotion the feast of St. James, on July 25.

Likewise, the< parish church is dedicated to St. James the Apostle, patron of the locality. It is a temple of Latin cross plan late seventeenth or early eighteenth century (century Closing of the belfry and two of the three bells). The door dates from 1735, on top stand wood reliefs referring to the battle of Clavijo, where the appearance of James to King Ramiro I and his victory against Abderrahman II are represented.


The Baroque Churrigueresque altarpiece in the high altar is dominated by the image of “Santiago matamoros” (S. XVIII), front, mounted on horseback, with sword in hand and a moor in his foot. Also pilgrimage shells and a pilgrim James appears.


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