Turism in Leon

The city of León, born as Roman military camp of the Legio VI Victrix to 29 b. C. . Important Roman city in 717 was conquered by the Arabs for the first time, then in 987 Almanzor would raze the city again. During the tenth century was the most important city of the Christian kingdoms.

The capital of the old Kingdom of León surprises the traveler by their admirable historical and artistic monuments, as well as numerous museums, which are integrated into a modern city full of garden squares, parks, fountains and wide avenues.

Next to the “Parador de San Marcos” (older hospice for pilgrims, with attached church and currently one of the venues of the Museum of León), you can see the actual building of the “Junta de Castilla y León” (glazing) and the Auditorium ” Ciudad de León”. Also near MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castile and Leon).


Since Leon was a city of passage in the “Camino de Santiago”, in the early middle ages, it remains happily alive the tradition of giving warm welcome to travelers, pilgrims or not.

Getting into its old part we can find the Cathedral of Santa María de la Regla, Collegiate Church of San Isidoro (the Pantheon of Kings), the building of Botines (Gaudí), the three, as the Parador de San Marcos or the medieval wall (which highlights the Arch of prison, where are attached the former prison now converted into historical archive), all declared of cultural interest.



Also all buildings surrounding the historic squares: Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Grano (or Santa Maria del Camino or of the Market, where the church has the same name), and especially the Plaza de San Marcelo (or Pigeon), where we can find the Palace of Guzman (current headquarters of the Council of Leon), the Church of San Marcelo, Casa de Botines (Gaudi), the Old Town Hall and near the Palace of Torreblanca (today Recreo Industrial).

Lost by the “Barrio Húmedo” (Wet Area) is back to other times, in the streets and alleys enjoyed countless taverns and inns and enjoy a foretaste of Leon cuisine or tasty local wines.

Recommended at any time, but especially in several annual events that include everyone: folk, religious, sports and cultural: “Semana Santa”, the Fiestas de San Froilán, the International Week of Trout and culinary competition, or the International Festival Organ, to name a few with more tradition, which make receiving national and international tourism.



Whether you come to our city for sightseeing, destination is any of these activities, you want to know Leon cuisine, has to spend the night or want to enjoy a few days of leisure and outdoor sports, in our hotel can relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy all the amenities you need with the best value, both individually, couples, families or group (consult special rates for groups and special offer weekend with half board).

But not all is history, the modern metropolis (one hundred thirty thousand residents) has spread along great walks and clear avenues that make it a living and peaceful city, with large green areas, spread among large parks and small gardens an invitation to stroll and relax.

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