San Juan´s night

In the city of León are celebrated with great devotion the festivities of San Juan (night of San Juan, early morning from 23 to 24 June) and San Pedro (28 June).

The night of San Juan is a celebration of the summer solstice with which is celebrated throughout Europe the arrival of summer and the longest days of the year. Someone says that night witches display great activity and occur from dusk until cockcrow evil rites, facing light and shadow, good and evil. With the Christianization (through invocation to San Juan) of pagan rites of worship fire, water and earth, the bonfires of San Juan are the best known and practiced ritual: confronting the fire to dominate and to grant us his favors, lengthening daylight hours to clear night, so a bonfire as a purifying symbol will light up (burn old) and protective (lengthen hours of light).

Around a campfire is where the symbolism finds its highest expression and popular presence, gathered around the fire, singing, dance, eat and drink with in order to scare away evil spirits. In the official program of celebrations in León (in spanish) one of the main days is San Juan, and this year 2016 is celebrated with concerts, dances, poetry recitals, but the celebrations specific for these rites are:

Thursday, June 23, at 23:30 h.

  • Fireworks, with Pirotecnia Pablo. FIRING ZONE: Eras of Renueva, near the I.E.S. ‘Eras ​​de Renueva’.
  • Comic performance by “Conxuro de la Queimada”, and on the “Hoguerina” of San Juan in the Plaza Puerta Obispo.


Friday, June 24:

  • At 00:00 h. Bonfire Night of San Juan. BONFIRE ZONE: Eras de Renueva near the I.E.S. ‘Eras ​​de Renueva’.
  • At 10:30 h. Traditional Mass of San Juan, with the assistance of the authorities and the Municipal Corporation. Capilla del Cristo de la Victoria. Calle Ancha.
  • At 11:00 h. Exhibition of Traditional Altar of “Día de San Juan”. Organized by the Grupo Tenada. Plaza de San Marcelo, in the church San Marcelo door.

In the official program of celebrations in León you can see all the details of this and other celebrations that will take place in the city of León in the coming days, a few kilometers from our Hotel Avenida III, do not miss it and book rooms from 37.50 €.

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