Passion week in León

Passion week in the city of León is one of the most important in Spain, in 2002 has received the statement ‘Fiesta of International Tourist Interest’. They are sixteen the Brotherhoods who organize twenty penitential processions with 65 steps loaded mostly by brothers “braceros”, five Stations of the Cross processional and lyrical passion round through the streets at night alerting brothers output procession. Sixteen thousand of population of León, called “Papon” actively participate in this Passion week.

The tradition of the Passion week in León back to the sixteenth century, although from the S. XIII signs of different religious manifestations are preserved to commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. The foundation of the oldest brotherhood “Nuestra Señora de las Angustias y Soledad” (Our Lady of Sorrows and Desolation) is recorded in 1572 and canonically erected the most modern in 1994 “Cristo del gran Poder” (Christ of the Great Power). Web of interest:

Over ten days, from the spectacular start in the afternoon of “Viernes de dolores” (Good Friday) coming out Church of the “Virgen del Camino”, known as “del mercado”, to the release of doves on Easter Sunday in the “Plaza de la Catedral”, Leon population and visitors share in this unique experience. As unique are passionate images that parade through the streets of León: works of the workshops of Juan de Juni, Gregorio Fernández, Juan de Angers, Luis Salvador Carmona, Juan de Archeta, Victor de los Rios, Angel Estrada …

But besides art and devotion, the city at this time also provides moments of relaxation in the “Barrio Húmedowhere day and night the typical “limonada de Semana Santa” (consisting of wine, lemonade, sugar, cinnamon and fruit) is offered. Associated with the celebrations of Passion Week, maundy Holy Thursday welcomes the celebration of pagan “Entierro del Genarín” (Genarin burial) procession in memory of Genaro Blanco, dead early twentieth century who liked to drink “orujo” and frequenting brothels, and it was hit by the first garbage truck city while he was defecating in one of the hubs of the medieval wall in the street called “Cubos”, on the night of Holy Thursday.

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