Industrial area of “Villadangos del Paramo” (León)

The industrial area of “Villadangos del ​​Páramo” is located outsides of “Villadangos del Páramo” (León) Castilla and León, Spain. It is 23 Km. from the center of León, 32 Km. of Astorga and 80 Km. from the town Benavente (Zamora). Our Hotel Avenida III is located in front.

The area is strategically located next to the N-120 from Leon to Astorga and the LE-413 to Villanueva de Carrizo. The AP-71 (León-Astorga) highway toll runs parallel to both, the polygon as the N-120. You enter the industrial site by one roundabout access. The railway line Palencia-La Coruña (with spring loading and unloading) is 500 m. and to 10 km. from Leon Airport (Virgen del Camino).

The construction of the industrial area of ​​”Villadangos del Páramo” began in 2001, although previously already been carried out contacts between the City of “Villadangos del Páramo”, the Neighborhood Board “Villadangos del Páramo” and Gesturcal (Urban Management of Castilla y León SA ), a public company of the Castilla and Leon and would be responsible for developing the project.

In 2005, urban and environmental license granted to the first company that is based in the industrial area, Vestas Nacelles Spain SAU (now Vestas Manufacturing Spain). In 2007 arrives at Poligono another large company that is seated in it, Mercadona SA, but are not the only, many other companies are based in this area, making distribution benchmark for the northwest of Spain.

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