Celebration of San Froilan in León

We can consider the Parties de San Froilán as the most traditional of how many we have in León, not in vain its celebration goes back to the Middle Ages. They are suitable dates to revive Pilgrimages to the Virgen del Camino (patron saint of the province), enjoy the beauty of “carros engalanados” (festooned carts), marvel at the highest concentration of “pendones” (parade banners) that occurs in the province and return to take sides in the dialectical struggle It is causing the “Tributo de las Cien doncellas” (Tribute of the Hundred Maidens), or offer unmatched Forum “Las Cantaderas”.

The saint Froilán was born in the province of Lugo in 833 (city also celebrates his feast with great devotion), approximately 18 years becomes a hermit, retiring as like a cave Ruiterlán in the Bierzo, now shrine, and later to the mountains of Curueño (in León). On the death of Bishop of Léon, in 900, the people ask the king Alfonso III to be Froilán the new bishop is appointed and so the king and all the court of the moment. Five years later he dies in León, on October 5, and is buried in the cathedral or ancient church of Santa Maria, in a sumptuous tomb.

In celebration of their saints (reminder of his death) on October 5 held in the Virgen del Camino a rich pilgrimage, consisting of cars festooned which the Virgen join a multitudinous Mass. In the capital of León, not to coincide with the celebration, the feast of “carros engalanados” (festooned carts) takes place on Sunday before San Froilan (October 5). The city lives an atmosphere of ancient and medieval inspiration, with market three medieval cultures (Christian, Jewish and Moors), other fairs of pottery and ceramics, falconry exhibitions, workshops of traditional crafts, numerous theater performances, concerts, “pendones” (parade banners), tastings of local products, musical parades and exhibitions of local sports.

Also prior to the day of San Froilán Sunday reminisces in León victory of the Christian troops in the mythical “Batalla de Clavijo” (battle of Clavijo) and the liberation of the “Tributo de las Cien doncellas” (Tribute of the Hundred Maidens), the Kings of Asturias and Leon had been paying each year to the Muslim caliphate for Cordovan to fill their harems, with an offering to the “Virgen Blanca” in gratitude or obligation (eternal discussion of whether it is “Forum or offer”). The celebration is known as “The Cantaderas” a great medieval procession with carriage fruits and dulzaineros accompanies the Maidens (Cantaderas) from the old Consistory of San Marcelo, walk up Broad Street to the Cloister of the Cathedral. These, dressed in medieval garb of Muslim origin, dance to the orders of the “Sotadera” (Moorish woman in charge of instructing the Cantaderas in Muslim customs). So there are written references celebration of the XVI century, placing the date on August 14 and tell a similar ceremony takes place today.

En León la celebración se desarrollará este año entre los días 29 de septiembre y 7 de octubre, aunque la fecha primordial es ese domingo, 30 de septiembre del 2018, domingo anterior a la fecha de San Froilán, el 5 de octubre, las “Cantaderas”, desfile de pendones y los carros engalanados tendrán lugar este año en esa fecha. Disponemos de los programas oficiales de fiestas:


In Leon the celebration will take place this year between 29 September and 8 October, but the primary date is this Sunday, September 30, 2018, prior to the date of San Froilan Sunday, October 5, the “Cantaderas ” , “pendones” (parade banners) and “carros engalanados” (festooned carts) will take place this year on that date.

Programa Romeria San Froilán Virgen del Camino 2018 (In spanish)

Programa fiestas San Froilán León 2017 (In spanish)


Also this year, coinciding with the big days of San Froilán, October 5 and 6, 2018, will take place for the first year the “Tournament of medieval Fair of San Froilán” in León Arena.

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This celebrations will take place in the city of León and in Villadangos del Paramo in the coming days, a few kilometers from our Hotel Avenida III, do not miss it and book rooms from 37.50 €.

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